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The Control Theory

Sociologist, Travis Hirschi uses the control theory to argue that social control is affected by the strength of the social bonds and deviance is the result of weakening those society bonds. Foster teenagers in this unemployed professors review display deviance behaviors because they believe that they are not a part of the society, thus, they are more likely to commit crimes against it. Travis believes that deviance is inherited, but there are four types of social bonds that prevent an individual from deviating. The first social bond is attachment. Attachment prevents an individual from deviating because one does not want to disappoint others that have significant meanings to one’s life. It is clear that David does not have this social bond. He is not closely attached to the surrounding people. In the end of the movie, he even states that he does not have anyone who he can call as a family. The second social bond is commitment. Commitment refers to the investment and the social standing of an individual in the community. David does not have a professional life that ties him with the society; therefore, committing crime is not an important factor that will affect his career. The third social bond is involvement. The involvement is the participation in social activities. David is not a member of any organizations of the society. In the movie, one can see that he has great amounts of difficulties fitting in with other foster children at group home. He is not involved in activities at his group home. This excludes him from the involvement factor of the social bond. The final bond is belief, social values a person conforms to. David does not have beliefs in the system of value including education. In the movie, the group leader of the group home encourages David to finish high school, but he refuses to finish his schooling. His disconnection to the common value refrains him from conforming to the social norm. In this case, David weak