How to Choose a Video Game Controller

There hasn't been a better period to be a video gamer than right now. Avid video gamers can enjoy the diversity of game controllers, software, games, and consoles. You can experience different games on different platforms. It is also quite possible to both play the games online and offline, which makes multiplayer-gaming a norm.
While all these factors matter for your game, perhaps one of the most vital parts of your entire gaming experience is the type of game controller you choose to play with. With the right controller, you can get to control game without any hiccups.
Here is how to pick the right controller:

Third-Party or Firsthand Controllers

When choosing controllers, you can either work with the controller that comes with your gaming console or choose third-party controllers. Both have their own benefits and disadvantages. Ideally, controllers that come straight out of the box tend to be made for your specific controller, which includes premium features.
However, there are third-party controllers that have the same features. Some of these controllers might even have additional features that will improve your game. In fact, some third party controllers might be customizable. For instance, some allow you to change the sensitivity of the various buttons, with others allowing you to make changes to their aesthetics.

Battery Types

While some controllers come with internal rechargeable batteries, others use replaceable batteries. The choice will depend on your preferences. Ideally, some players prefer using a gamepad with a rechargeable battery since they only need to plug it into a power source or their console to continue their game. For others, the idea of having a wire restricting their movement during their game might be too big of a bother.
For those who prefer gamepads with replaceable batteries, the fact that they can swap the batteries out with others eliminates the need to have a wire between them and the console. However, it can be costly to keep on buying new batteries. There is also the risk that a controller’s battery will run out, while you do not have another battery closely.

Wired or Wireless Controllers

Wireless controllers are now commonplace. Most console manufacturers ship their consoles with wireless controllers nowadays. While this might seem like the standard for choosing consoles, there are still gamers who prefer using wired controllers to wireless ones.
First, wired consoles experience less latency when compared to their wireless counterparts. This can be a major factor, especially in highly competitive games. However, the fact that some wireless controllers can be connected through their charging cable battles this latency. Second, the wired variety means that you will always have your gamepad charged, which eliminates the need to buy batteries or have your game disrupted by a low charge notification. However, the extent to which the technology around these gamepads is evolving is making both options more of equals than rivals.

Aesthetics and Style

Although functionality is a vital consideration when choosing controllers, aesthetics also matter. Gamers thrive in showing their personality through their gaming equipment. That’s why they spend a lot of cash purchasing gaming chairs, headsets, and even PCs.
Regardless of the platform, you will be playing from, you need to express yourself through your gamepad. Once you settle on your ideal pad, choose a color and style that suits you. You can even choose one that allows you to customize your controller from time to time.
Gaming has turned into a culture, and you will only be as good at gaming as the pad you choose. Consider the tips above to pick a controller worth every penny.